Nutrition, Wellness, & Mindfulness Enrichment Education

Specifically for schools, all ages and education levels. Today’s society and many education systems do not provide access to the proper tools and opportunities to fulfill a healthy lifestyle within their curriculum. In order for any individual to successfully lead a healthy lifestyle they must begin very young to ensure these healthy habits are implemented properly. The epidemic of obesity is on the rise, thus we must instill the foundation now. Introducing nutrition, fitness, wellness, and mindful awareness by means of a program implemented into every schools curriculum is vital! Events and programs are offered, including school curriculum, parents and family workshops, events, and faculty instruction. Customizable, dependent upon preference.
Rates available upon request

Home Intervention

Any individuals home life has a great impact upon their lifestyle, more importantly as a child, it has a greater influence.  Providing the proper knowledge and assistance to offer additional at home services like that of intervention for parents is vital.  Cleansing the home of unhealthy foods and beverages while implementing healthy alternatives and suggesting healthier habits is an ideal way to jump start a new healthier you.  Body by Regine’s household intervention consists of a consultation, cleansing of kitchen and pantry, as well as a grocery list.
Starting at $250/Hour


Family Transformation Assistance*

Children need to be led by example to truly adapt a healthier lifestyle.  Having nutritionists and personal chefs assist families to improve grocery shopping habits, cooking, and preparation techniques with additional family orientated avenues will be the key to longevity for generations to come.  Our transformation includes home intervention, grocery list, nutrition guidance, and consultation.  Can be personalized to preferences (i.e. vegan, vegetarian, allergies, food intolerance, religion, etc.).
Starting at $350


Meal Kits*

Are you short on time and don’t necessarily know how to grocery shop for produce and other foods?  Do you find yourself not eating many fresh products, yet consume more processed and packaged foods?  Body by Regine’s meal kits are exactly the start you need!  Each meal kit includes in season fresh produce, seasonings, and health related recipes, plus one bonus item.  We also customize kits upon your special preference and request, please contact us today to inquire.
Rates available upon request


Athlete & Sports Specific Programs*

As an athlete for any sport, a child’s coach should ultimately configure the athletes physical work capacity to meet the demands of the sport.  This is dictated by genetics and the physiology and biochemistry of a child due to training.  Without proper guidance for that specific sport, it is highly unlikely an athlete will develop concurrently regarding the five motor performance abilities (endurance, strength, speed, coordination, flexibility) and thus reach their maximum athletic potential.  Body by Régine has the expertise to guide your young athlete specifically for their sport(s) by personally enhancing their performance through the means of training, but more importantly their nutrition.  When proper nutrition is lacking, the performance ability can never reach a sufficient level, there must be a balance among the two.  Our sports specific program includes a private evaluation, consultation, as well as goal and/or sports specific orientated nutrition guidance.  A thorough analysis of blood work completed by your family physician is also offered for optimum customization and evaluation.
Starting at $400/month and $200/session Rates vary by age, level, & sport. Professional Athlete rates available upon request.


Adolescents Fitness & Nutrition Packages*

With the epidemic of obesity on the rise and the lack of nutrition and physical education in our schools, parents have an overwhelmingly difficult job.  Food companies are not what they prided to be back in the day; additives, artificial ingredients, and steroids are virtually in everything and this alone is drastically harming adolescents.  It’s our mission at Body by Régine to educate children about proper nutrition and physical activity, to prevent the countless illnesses that follow the unhealthy ways of life.

Are you concerned your child is gaining an excessive amount of weight for their age?  Are you worried your child will grow up lacking proper knowledge about living a healthy lifestyle?  Have you considered the possibility of your child becoming overweight due to their unhealthy habits even if they’re active and appear healthy now?  Forming healthy lifestyle habits at an early age is key!  We must teach the younger generations the importance of transforming and adhering so children don’t develop preventable diseases like diabetes or childhood obesity.  Body by Régine offers various programs to meet your child’s needs by incorporating a one-on-one consultation, follow up, grocery list, nutrition guidance, and exercise awareness.  An analysis of blood work completed by your family physician is also offered and highly recommended to best evaluate and understand your child’s body for ultimate results.
Starting at $200


Adult Mainstream Fitness, Nutrition, & Supplementation Programs*

Living in a world of convenience can cause us to make unhealthy conscious choices or simply neglect our well being when it comes to staying healthy and active.  Attempting to balance life—work, family, and social events can be a juggling act, but with the rising obesity epidemic, now is the time to become your best healthiest self!  Body by Régine can take the difficulty away and guide you while you transform to a new lifestyle of healthier eating and more activity.  Depending upon your experience our programs vary, although all are comprised of nutrition and exercise with a consultation, grocery list, and support & guidance through your transformation.
Starting at $300


Corporate Wellness Programs*

Having a 9-5 or any typical office job can be stressful and demanding to say the least.  All the long hours and days can sometime limit your time to live a healthy lifestyle and maybe your cravings take over as well. Do you often think about what you're eating or how inactive you may be due to your profession? Body by Régine makes it simple, by coming to your office and working with your staff to teach and implement a much healthier way of living! We understand it can be tough and down right impossible at times on your own, but with our help you will be on the road to a new healthier and happier self and staff! Just because it''s work, does not mean it can't be healthy and positive too!
Rates available upon request



The art of stretching is vital for the functionality of the body, although majority of individuals do not stretch, even those who are active and workout regularly. Stretching can be used as a therapy to strengthen the core, aid in recovery, and even prevent injury. Passive stretching is much more beneficial than your typical stretching; solely due to the assistance of another person and their force upon the body. All movements and poses are held for a prolonged duration, which is done to release built up tension and stress. Tightness and poor blood circulation are often signs of heightened tension, negative effects that can be corrected by passively stretching. Sessions can be customized to your needs, such as injuries or areas of excessive tightness, but the overall body is worked on during every session. Sessions are encouraged for everyone, from athletes and individuals suffering from aliments, to children ages 7+.
Rates available upon request


Sponsorship Assistance Program

Are you on a fixed limited income, but need and want assistance with reaching and maintaining a healthy lifestyle?  Having great financial difficulty and not sure where to turn?  Body by Régine can help!  Please inquire via email to learn more about our program and see if you qualify!  Limited availability.


*Weekly, bi-monthly, and monthly available.