Q:  Why do clients like Body by Régine?

A:  At Body by Régine, our clients needs and wants are always prioritized!  Health and well being of each individual is observed quite carefully, regardless of your state of health or any medical condition, our clients know they’re in good hands.  More importantly, Régine and her staff are personable.  We understand your journey to a healthier new you can be difficult at times, but when you work with us, you not only become a part of a great cause, but also a great family!

Q:  How is working with Body by Régine beneficial now and how will it continue to benefit you?

A:  Feel good and be your best you!  Our philosophy at Body by Régine provides the necessary tools and resources to learn how to improve your life.  The objective is not only to get you where you’d like to be physically and medically, but to teach you how to implement new healthier habits for a lifestyle change.  The idea of learning to live healthier will guide you through life in the best yet healthiest way possible, thus beneficial for a lifetime and generations to come.  As our country continuously experiences the rise in obesity, we must combat the epidemic to prevent future generations from this travesty.  By making conscious changes during our generations now, it can only begin to decline the expected rates for the times ahead.  The longevity of today’s society is declining rapidly, even with technological advances and medical phenomenons, the culprit is, what we consume as a human.  It’s much easier, inexpensive, affordable, and doable to make adjustments to our food intake and increase physical activity levels, than it is to pay preventable medical expenses and worst case, ultimately death.  This isn’t a diet or regimen, but rather a loosely tailored concept that has countless benefits while making a minimal conscious effort to eat healthier and be more physically active throughout life.  Making subtle changes can help drastically with one goal in mind, living life to your fullest potential.

Q:  Where are Body by Régine clients now?

A:  Those who have worked with Body by Régine, clients past and present continue to live healthier lives.  These individuals have almost always reached their goals, but more importantly they’ve learned a great deal of knowledge about their own body and what works best for them as an individual.  Again, Body by Regine’s purpose is to teach healthy habits and how to go about living a healthy lifestyle.  For our clients, they’ve learned to implement such techniques to continue leading a healthy lifestyle on their own.  Most clients have adhered to the new changes and have successfully transformed themselves into a better healthier self.


Q:  How does Body by Régine personalize our programs?

A:  By personalizing our programs and services, Body by Régine vows to stand apart from all other brands, whether that be a training company or nutrition establishment.  Nowadays everyone claims to have the answer with fad diets and unconventional exercises, but the focus of simply being healthy is nonexistent.  Here we listen to your individual needs and goals, tailor a program solely for you or your family and teach you to live healthier.  The element of well being is lacking through most if not all programs were exposed to, yet one cannot realistically expect to attain the same or even similar results as another individual because every individual is different.  Each individual has a completely unique body make up and with that they respond differently when nutrition and exercise come into play.  At Body by Régine, we have all clients undergo an experimental process, roughly a couple of weeks initially to observe what works best for you in regard to how well your body responds to various macro-nutrients and selected exercises.  With some clients, having blood work completed can also speak volumes when analyzed and taken into account with your needs and goals.  It’s quite clear the biomedical component in adjacent with our exclusive approach and procedures create the best personalized approach for any individual.  We pride ourselves on this, especially for those with ailments, both acute and chronic like that of ADHD, food allergies, Crohns disease, or even cancers, and autoimmune disorders.  Any goals is attainable if you know your body!


Q:  How does Body by Régine influence and benefit adolescents?

A:  Very simple, children are our future.  With statistics showing one of three adolescents in the United States are overweight or obese, a drastic change must be made to preserve our future.  Since the 1980s, childhood obesity has tripled, meaning with such a trend, the rate will progressively increase.  The fact that obesity is linked to over 60 chronic disorders and over 75% of hypertension conditions shows today’s generation of adolescents will live much shorter yet unhealthier and more problematic lives.  Daily physical activity is rather low or nonexistent in the education system and as a country we consume roughly 31% more calories now than 40 years ago.  Body by Regine’s primary concern is to drastically reduce the rate and eventually end childhood obesity.  Introducing adolescents to living a healthier lifestyle is key!  We must educate children at a very early age about health, well being, proper exercise, and nutrition.  Making the transition to a healthier lifestyle should be easily accessible to all, but most importantly children.  Having our programs transition adolescents by making learning more enjoyable is a facet of our programs. 

Introducing adolescents to various components of cooking and eating nutritiously as well as properly exercising can plummet the trending rate.  This epidemic must be put to rest, not only for the medical risks it imposes, but also that of increased risk of behavioral issues like depression, anxiety, and bullying.  Knowing 30% of any diet is defined by environmental influences merely means the latter 70% has the ability to become better balanced for the healthiest consumption.  Proper nutrition and exercise is taught in addition to implementing correct supplementation is incorporated like that of vitamins and necessary herbs and minerals the body needs to function most efficiently.  The proper steps and procedures will be taught to demonstrate how to transition into a healthier lifestyle.  Such resources will be presented, thus all children will have easy accessibility to use and achieve their healthier new self.

Q:  What sets Body by Régine apart from others and what is our niche?

A:  At Body by Régine we emphasize greatly on medical science, health wellness, customization, and our clients wants and needs. Many individuals nowadays lack the knowledge to properly assist others when it comes to the science and biomedical makeup, which is merely the foundation for the human body. Without knowing how the body functions at the biological and chemical level you're stepping into the unknown and more importantly, putting your body at risk for injury and serious medical decline. Prioritizing a clients health is key and should always be considered the utmost important during any type of regimen, regardless of goal. We take pride in applying science based facts, to help those attain and maintain their goals. If a coach cannot explain why your body is functioning the way it is or why a particular level of hormone in the body is of a specific level, in laymen terms, he/she doesn't have the proper knowledge. Clients needs always come first; sure, you can drop a few pounds, but jeopardizing your life is never done with Body by Régine. We have the knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be! Exercising and being healthy isn't a thing you do, it's simply a lifestyle.

Body by Régine incorporates fitness, nutrition, and specialized lifestyle techniques with biomedical concentration. We aren't solely for adolescents, but also provide extensive training regimens and nutrition structures tailored and completely customized to each individual client , from the average adult to the advanced athlete. There's much more to just losing weight or gaining muscle and regardless of your goal(s), living healthier and active is simply a lifestyle. We provide the necessary tools and resources for our clients, to allow the greatest potential for success. Specialization in core stabilization with abdominal focus is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle modification. Having a science and biomedical background doesn't permit "cookie cutter" plans or programs. For any age, training, nutrition, and supplementation lifestyle modifications and interventions can be done. No matter your needs, Body by Régine can help you become your best self!