Régine Jefferson, an avid athlete who possesses a bachelors degree of science in biology and health professions has vowed to help others transition into a healthier lifestyle. As a former professional and nationally qualified female bikini bodybuilder, she has gained extensive experience over the years, within the wellness industry.

Holding such a degree along with certifications in personal training, sports nutrition, passive assisted stretching, and child nutrition & cooking from Stanford, is ideal for assisting others become healthier and ultimately their best self. With Régine's guidance, any individual is given the necessary tools to be successful in regards to eating nutritiously and maintaining a healthy physical disposition. She has worked with clients of all ages, young children to senior citizens, athletes and even those debilitated or chronically ill, but manages to always improve health.

  • Head Chair to Englewood Mayors Wellness Cultural Affairs Committee

  • Child Nutrition and Cooking—Stanford University

  • The Science of Training Young Athletes—University of Florida

  • The New Nordic Diet—University of Copenhagen

Régine has a life long passion for helping others and has vowed to decrease childhood obesity, in hopes of drastically reducing the epidemic. Knowledge is power; with Body by Régine's vast qualifications, sharing her knowledge and educating can help countless individuals transform to a healthier lifestyle and thus a prolonged life. Régine loves to share her expertise with others to enrich lives and simply live healthier.