Live Better. Feel Better. Be Your Best You!

At Body by Régine we emphasize greatly on medical science, health wellness, customization, and our clients wants and needs. Many individuals nowadays lack the knowledge to properly assist others when it comes to the science and biomedical makeup, which is merely the foundation for the human body. Without knowing how the body functions at the biological and chemical level you're stepping into the unknown and more importantly, putting your body at risk for injury and serious medical decline. Prioritizing a clients health is key and should always be considered the utmost important during any type of regimen, regardless of goal. We take pride in applying science based facts, to help those attain and maintain their goals. If a coach cannot explain why your body is functioning the way it is or why a particular level of hormone in the body is of a specific level, in laymen terms, he/she doesn't have the proper knowledge. Clients needs always come first; sure you can drop a few pounds, but jeopardizing your life is never done with Body by Régine. We have the knowledge and experience to get you where you want to be! Exercising and being healthy isn't a thing you do, it's simply a lifestyle!  

Body by Régine incorporates fitness, nutrition, and specialized lifestyle techniques with biomedical concentration. We aren't solely for adolescents, but also provide extensive training regimens and nutrition structures tailored and completely customized to each individual client , from the average adult to the advanced athlete. There's much more to just losing weight or gaining muscle and regardless of your goal(s), living healthier and active is simply a lifestyle. We provide the necessary tools and resources for our clients, to allow the greatest potential for success. Specialization in core stabilization with abdominal focus is a vital component of a healthy lifestyle modification. Having a science and biomedical background doesn't permit "cookie cutter" plans or programs. For any age, training, nutrition, and supplementation lifestyle modifications and interventions can be done. No matter your needs, Body by Régine can help you become your best self!